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    #577 October 2019 Vette Vues Magazine, Volume 48, Issue Number 3


      6…Bloomington Gold – The Granddaddy of Corvette Events - Part I

     28…The C8 Reveal: A Personal Experience

     38…2020 Mid-Engine Stingray Starts at $59,995

     48…Building A Custom Corvette: 1973 “SHARKBITE”

     56…1962 Corvette - Was the last C1 the “Best” C1?

     62…Robert Wilson’s 1959 CORVETTE

     68…Corvette Grand Sport Review, Pt. 1 of 3 – The Special Limited Edition 1996 Grand Sport

     80…Corvette Legend or Myth & Zora’s Marque of Excellence - Episode -IX - Zora’s Fabulous “Mid-Ship” Corvette History

     98…Ignition Wire Crimpers - Tools That Make Wire Assembly Easy

    102…Toss Out the Anchor - A Half Dozen Brake Tips & Tech You Can Use

     88 ...Model Scene

     93 ...Toy Vues

    110...Factory Facts

        Part A 1966 Corvette Brake Pads Change

        Part B 1967 Corvette Warning Light Service Update

        Part C 1982-1984 Corvette Rough Idle

        Part D 1984-1987 Corvette Power Seat Service Update

    115...Business Card File

    115...Corvette Calendar of Events

    118...Corvette Literature, Models, and Miscellaneous for Sale & Wanted

    120...Corvette Parts for Sale

    124...Corvettes for Sale & Wanted

    128...Advertisers Index

    Our Cover Car: Bloomington Gold awards ceremony with Bloomington President Guy Larsen presenting an award to Stephen Solomon and his 1963 Corvette.