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  • October 2017 Back Issue Vette Vues Magazine

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    #553 October 2017 Vette Vues Magazine, Volume 46, Issue Number 3

    6…45th Bloomington Gold Corvettes

    10…Bloomington Gold 2017 Road Tour

    11…Bloomington Gold Swap Meet

    16…The History of Mid-Engine Corvettes, 1960 to C8 Overview

    34…1963 Corvette Sting Ray

    38…Doug MacDonald’s “2017 Dave MacDonald Grand Sport Tribute Corvette”

    54…Concours of America

    64…Corvette Results for the Trans-Am Series

    69…Detroit’s Racing Circus

    113…Chevrolet Presents Corvette Grand Sport to All-Star Game MVP Robinson Cano

    78…Model Scene

    83…Toy Vues

    88…Rear Vues:  1969, Part II

    100…Factory Facts

    116…Business Card File


    119…Literature, Models, and Miscellaneous for Sale and Wanted

    120…Corvette Parts for Sale and Wanted

    125…Corvettes for Sale and Wanted

    128…Advertisers Index

    On the Cover:  Under the direction of President Guy Larsen, Bloomington Gold returned to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this year for its 45th-anniversary event.   Our cover car is a 1967 Corvette 427 L88 Sport Coupe a Great Hall Inductee, and 24 Hours of LeMans racer.  Photo Credits:  Helene Zasadny