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    #578 Vette Vues Magazine, November 2019, Volume 48, Issue Number 4

      6...1965 Corvette Pilot Line Car

     22...1967 Corvette

     31...Corvette at Daytona Ranch

     38...Mike Alberty's 1970 Corvette

     44...41st Corvette Chevy Expo

     68...Gold Collection 2019 - Part I

     79...It's a Dream

     84...2020 Camouflaged Corvette Convertible Trying to hide its top

     85...Corvette Legend or Myth & Zora's Marque of Excellence - The 2020 Corvette's LT2 V-8 Engine "Pre-history" - Episode - X 

     91...Model Scene

     96...Toy Vues

    100...Pulling the Ignition Trigger - 1: How to Teach an old dog new Tricks

    108...Shaky Springs!  Coil Spring Compressors

    114...Think of us as Art Lovers

    115...Business Card File

    115...Calendar of Events

    118...Literature, Models, & Misc. for Sale & Wanted

    120...Corvette Parts for Sale

    125...Corvettes for Sale & Wanted        

    128...Advertisers Index

    Our Cover Car: David Holden and Mike Tucker own our stunning 1965 Corvette Pilot Line convertible which was recently restored by the Nabor Brothers of Houston Texas (Page 6).  

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