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  • November 2011 Vette Vues Magazine

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    #484 Vette Vues Magazine, November 2011, Volume 40, Issue Number 4

    6...The Great Hall: Year Two

    46...“First Lady of Firsts” Betty Skelton Dies at 85

    58...Auto Rama, Houston TX

    80...“Fifty Seven Years Ago...” the History and Development of the 1957 Chevrolet 283 V8 Engine with “Ramjet” Fuel Injection -Part XI - November 1954

    84...Electrical Joinery

    52...Model Scene

    70...Racy Vues

    72...Rear Vues: 1986 Part II

    87..Toy Vues

    92...Factory Facts

    PART A: 1953-1958 Corvette Fuel Filter Elements

    PART B: 1963 Corvette Distributor Breaker Point Burning

    PART C: 1964 Corvette Service Updates

    PART D: 1986 Corvette Safety Campaign Bulletin on Anti-Skid Brake System

    PART E: Readers Follow-Up

    113...Business Card File


    118...Literature, Models, Misc.

    120...Corvette Parts

    125...Corvettes for Sale

    128...Advertisers Index

    On the Cover: The Great Hall: Year Two Touted as Corvettes’ most significant people and most significant Corvettes, “The Great Hall“” inducted five more cars and five more people into its second year, at Bloomington Gold™ this year. This display is a four-year revolving exhibition.