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    #549 May 2017 Vette Vues Magazine, Volume 45, Issue Number 10

    6…Allan “Bunky” Garonzik’s 56-Year Affair with His 1956 Corvette

    16…Corvettes at 2017 Detroit Autorama

    48…1973 Four-Rotor Corvette/1976 Aerovette

    58…Corvettes at 2017 S V R A Sebring Spring Vintage Classic

    68…Morrison 1990 ZR-1 Speed Record Holder 76…Classic Glass Corvette Club presents “SUPERVETTE SATURDAY 2016”

    100…Today’s Batteries – High-Performance Batteries Know How

    108..The History of GM Dream Cars and the “Fabulous” Cut-Away Displays – Part XVI

    84…Model Scene

    90…Toy Vues

    94…Rear Vues: 1982 Part II

    116..Business Card File


    119…Literature, Models, Miscellaneous

    On the Cover:  This 1954 roadster was at the 2017 Detroit Autorama. It is owned by Larry and Robbie Grif-fey of Knoxville (TN). It was built as an homage to the 1956 concept Corvette, which was largely constructed on a 1954 production model.  The story starts on page 16.  Photo Credits: Wayne Ellwood