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  • March 2018 Vette Vues Magazine Back Issue

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    4...2017 SEMA Report Final - Part 2

     21...Pierre Joly's 1956 & 1957 Corvettes

     27...Ladies of SEMA

     30...Harley Earl's 1963 Corvette

     40...Ed Nieves Journey Into the World of Tri-Power, NCRS, Bloomington Gold, and Triple Diamond - Level Corvettes

     51...Alfred Worden’s 1971 Apollo XV Corvette Found


     72...Two Corvettes Raise $2.325 Million to Benefit Military Veterans

     87...Petit Le Mans 2017 - A Race for Championships!

     96...21st Corvette Hall of Fame

    100...Holley's Stealthy EFI System - Part I

    111...Vette Rod Modulars - Part II

    75...Model Scene 

     80...Toy Vues

     84...Rear Vues - 1975 - Part I

    118...Business Card File

    118...Corvette Calendar of Events

    120...Literature, Models, & Miscellaneous for Sale

    121...Corvette Parts for Sale and Wanted

    124...Corvettes for Sale and Wanted        

    128...Advertisers Index

    On the Cover:  The Green Hornet Corvette is a customer car from Washington state. The basic C7 was sent to Ivan Tampi to work his magic. The car carries the base engine, with additional power provided via a front-mounted supercharger and a full two bottle nitrous system. Photo Credits: Wayne Ellwood @ SEMA 2017.