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    #550 June 2017 Vette Vues Magazine, Volume 45, Issue Number 11

    6…Corvettes at Amelia Island

    22…The Shooting Brake

    42…The Howling Wolf and the 12 Hours of Sebring

    56…Tomy Drissi Runner Up at Sebring in Trans Am 2017 Opener

    66…The History of GM Dream Cars and the “Fabulous” Cut-Away Displays – Part XVII

    73…From Spoilers to Active Aero

    91…39th NCRS Winter Regional Meet at the Sun-n-Fun

    102…The History of Mid-Engine Corvettes, 1960 to C8: Part 11

    109…Electrically Charged

    83…Toy Vues

    86…Model Scene

    116…Business Card File

    116…Calendar of Events

    119…Literature, Models, and Miscellaneous for Sale and Wanted

    120…Corvette Parts for Sale and Wanted

    125…Corvettes for Sale and Wanted

    128…Advertisers Index

    On the Cover:  Most recently, Callaway Engineering has introduced a hatch version of the C7 Corvette…referenced as a shooting brake. Callaway now offers the AeroWagen for any version of the C7 Corvette Coupe. You can read about this and the history of the Corvette Sportswagons and Hatchbacks as Wayne Ellwood’s takes a closer examination of the history.