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#545 January 2017 Vette Vues Magazine, Volume 45, Issue Number 7


 6…Craig Pai and His Fast 1985 C4 Brought to life (again)
 19…NCRS Gallery XVI
 32…Bottling Lightning – Modern Performance Vintage ‘Vettes, courtesy of Street Shop
 48…2016 SEMA Anniversary Report 
 67…The History of GM Dream Cars and the “Fabulous” Cut-Away Displays – Part XII by Ken Kayser
 73…ZO6 Corvette Review, Part 1 – The 1963 ZO6 Racer Kit
 81…The History of Mid-Engine Corvettes, 1960 to C8: Part 6
 94…Petit Le Mans 2016 – We are the Champions!
102…Home Brewed Rust Buster
 89…Model Scene
107…Toy Vues
110…Factory Facts
IBC…Racy Vues
115…Business Card File
115…Corvette Calendar of Events
125…Corvettes for Sale and Wanted
118…Literature, Models, Miscellaneous for Sale and Wanted 
120…Corvette Parts for Sale and Wanted
128…Corvette Advertisers Index

On the Cover:  Corvette has a unique story. This 1985 C4 is a car that has found its way back to its family. As if the car itself possessed the soul of its creator. It strikes a chord with anyone who named their car, anyone who remembers their father’s project in the garage, or anyone who was parted from a loved car, only wishing they could find it again.  Photo Credit: Ryan Christensen


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